How to lose weight in a week

You are planning a trip, where you will need to wear a bathing suit or are you desperately trying to get a bridesmaid dress before your big day with your girlfriend? If you want to achieve permanent weight loss, long term gradual weight loss through diet and exercise is the best option. However, if you want to look slim and only have a week, there are some tips that you can follow. Read the tips and advice on how to lose weight in a week.

the diet


Drink only water. One of the best ways to get rid of the pesky extra calories is to stop drinking all but water.

  • Sports drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages don't satisfy hunger and just add empty calories.
  • Even the diet drinks can have a negative impact on your weight. Studies have shown that the diet soda lead to weight gain.
  • Drinking two 250ml glasses of water before each meal, which will help to fill your stomach and not overeat.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere with me. So that you can drink during the day and do not use drinks with sugar or soda.

Stop using the white of cakes and dairy products. Avoid foods that cause bloating, you'll look slimmer in the shortest possible time.

  • Carbohydrates cause bloating, especially in the abdomen, where it is more obvious.
  • Simple carbohydrates are also easier to digest, so you will be hungry, even though it consumes a lot of calories.
  • Dairy products can cause bloating, especially for those who have lactose intolerance or Allergy. At the store look for this type of product, where there are no components in dairy products. If you can't live without cheese, there are substitutes based on soy, which you can use to curb their desires.

Eating fiber. The inclusion of fibre in your diet helps you get enough faster and for a longer period of time. It also eliminates fat from the digestive tract, so that less the amount absorbed by the body.

  • Replace your morning bowl of cereal, oatmeal or low-fat yogurt with flax seeds.
  • Instead of pasta, include in your diet foods rich in fiber, for example, lentils, beans, vegetables.

Eat plenty of vegetables. Carbohydrate complex in vegetables are digested more slowly than the carbohydrates in pizza and bread.

  • The vegetables also contain a lot of liquid, so that helps to get rid of the excess weight in the form of water.
  • Due to the fact that the vegetables are large volumes but are low in calories, if you consume them, you will be satisfied faster while consuming less calories overall.

Avoid the dessert. The desserts are not only usually add calories when you're already full, but the high content of sugar and carbohydrates can also lead to bloating.

  • If you are drawn to something sweet, choose fruit or a small square of dark chocolate.
  • Avoid places that may tempt you, such as a bakery favorite, restaurant, rolls, and the division of the candy in the grocery stores.
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Eat more slow. When you lead a style of life, which tend to throw themselves to the food in the car, at your Desk or standing. This situation makes your body to understand it was hunger or not.

  • When you eat slower you give your brain the time to communicate with your stomach and tell you to stop.
  • As soon as you feel satiety, stop.

To reduce calories. To lose weight, you need to head to cut the calories.

  • In order to slowly to lose weight, you need to consume per day to about 1200-1500 calories.
  • Even if you reduce calories, it is important to ensure that you still consume the necessary nutrients. Reduce foods that contain no nutrients (sugar, beverages, desserts and fast food) and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats.
  • If it is too difficult to reduce your calorie intake, the body goes into starvation mode and will store more fat.


Perform cardio exercises. Carrying out cardio exercise that accelerates the heart rate, the best way to burn calories and drop pounds. You will need to be consistent and practice every day if you want to lose weight in a week.

  • Can choose Jogging, swimming, Cycling.
  • To keep you motivated, to set the alarm for a time when you need to go to the gym or start exercising.
  • Ask a friend to exercise with you. Much easier to go to the gym and do it when there is good company.
  • Quickly burn calories, you must increase the intensity of the workout. If you are on a bike or on a treadmill, increase the incline and the level of your workout.
  • Cardio workouts are most effective when their length is 40-60 minutes. Scroll to about an hour of time each day to workout.

Interval training. Interval training alternating short periods of intense exercise with intervals with less intensity of work load. Interval training can help burn more calories.

  • Include interval training in your daily workout. For example, if you train at a slow pace, add short intervals of fast work. If you are on a bike, set it so that every 5-10 minutes to raise the level.
  • Interval training improves the cardiovascular system and increase the body's ability to burn fat.

Do pushups and lunges. If you are doing regular push-UPS and lunges during the week, will help you to tone your muscles and you look more thin by the week of the final.

  • If you are going to bring something that will open up the top part of your body (a bikini top or a strapless dress), do more push-UPS. They are directed to the top part of your body and your arms and shoulders will look more toned.
  • If you are going to wear something that opens in the lower part of your body (pants or skirt), after you perform the lunges will tighten the butt, hips and thighs.

Go up the stairs. Try to include the maximum amount of exercise in their daily life, to continue to burn calories and tone muscles.

  • Swing lazy habits. For example, if you normally take the Elevator, try climbing stairs. If you go to the post office to the machine, even if it is at a distance of only one stop, start walking. If the kitchen lights on, stand up and turn off, instead of having to ask someone to do it.

useful tips


  • Do not eat 3 hours before you go to sleep. If you eat before meals, the calories are not burned and stored as fat.
  • When you're sated, stop eating. Never force yourself to finish the food on your plate.
  • Too not to push yourself make sure that you know your limits and use this knowledge to your advantage. If you can only do 40 pushups, then put the goal in the 41 or 42. While this small step is still a step in the right direction.
  • Avoid chocolate and crisps.
  • Drink plenty of water. You may think that hunger, but, in fact, you may want to drink. Do not forget to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals, this will knock down your appetite.
  • It is very important to consume a good diet. Don't starve yourself!
  • Try to eat a serving the size of your fist. If you still feel hungry, drink water.
  • Move in any time you have the opportunity, for example, dance in the shower.
  • Pre-plan meals for the week and do all the shopping at once. Therefore, if you pull on something unhealthy, you can eat something healthy that you have at home.
  • Don't feed yourself, but try to reduce unhealthy food.
  • Press, inclines and squats will help you to achieve the desired result of your body.
  • If you still feel swelling before the big day, the use of products that contain simethicone. These products will dissolve the gas bubbles and reduce the swelling.
  • Get plenty of sleep during the week, so that you don't want to sleep the next day. Studies have shown that when do not get enough sleep, levels of leptin reduces and you want to eat more.


  • If you have vertigo during a workout, you need to sit down, drink water and eat. Don't force yourself too much.
  • Too strong reduction in calories can be dangerous to your health. Remember that you need to stay healthy part of your body.

You need

  • Fresh food
  • Foods rich in fiber.
  • Bottle of water
  • Gym (optional)